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Take Note Solutions introduces the Hoop Notes Lineup

(Hoop Notes Mobile)

New product updates and special pricing!

Hoop Notes 2.0 available for download!

Hoop Notes Mobile 2.0 available for download!

Hoop Notes is not an app, it's a complete basketball statistics system.  A new, modern, basketball statistics package full of the features you want, at a price any organization can afford.  With the Hoop Notes lineup, you can keep statistics by entering the numbers from your game book and statistic sheets, or by using the built in real-time statistics collection with shot charts and play by play action.  With the smart layout and ease of use, you will be up and running in minutes.  Download a fully functional, free trial of Hoop Notes and compare it to any other software on the market and you'll experience the Hoop Notes value first hand.

Welcome to the Hoop Notes experience.


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Quality software at a reasonable price.

Take Note Solutions

Welcome to the Hoop Notes Experience.


Hoop Notes

Hoop Notes PC: Basketball statistics software designed by coaches for coaches.


Hoop Notes Mobile: Windows Mobile companion software to Hoop Notes PC, designed to collect live game statistics.


Hoop Notes myStats: Windows Mobile software designed for parents wanting to track their kids' statistics or for scouts to track players.


Hoop Notes Chalk: Windows Mobile software for courtside play diagrams.


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